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LTL Freight Shipping Services

Nashville’s Craters & Freighters is your leading packaging, crating, and shipping resource, offering numerous solutions, including LTL (less than truckload) and LCL (less than container load) freight shipping.

LTL is an excellent option for shipping small freight loads that don’t require the use of an entire trailer and weighs under 15,000 pounds. Using this service helps customers stay within budget, maximizing savings, and allowing other shipments to fill the unused space.

If you’re considering LTL solutions, this FAQ page provides insight into how the process works and may answer your questions.

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What are the benefits of using LTL freight shipping services?
  • Cost reduction: LTL shippers only pay for the portion of the truck used.
  • Heightened safety: Typically, LTL shipments are put on a pallet or skid with other items and packaged together for protection rather than numerous containers loose in the trailer, allowing more movement.
  • Custom solutions: LTL shippers often offer solutions such as liftgates, pickup and delivery options, and others.
  • Easy tracking: Using various tracking resources, you always know where your item is.
Can LTL be used in ocean transport?
Less than a truckload (LTL) shipments, known as less than container load (LCL) shipments in the context of ocean transport, offer businesses an efficient and cost-effective solution for transporting smaller quantities of goods. By understanding the advantages and process of LTL/LCL shipments, businesses can leverage this approach to optimize their logistical operations, maximize container space utilization, and achieve cost savings in their ocean transport endeavors.
How much does LTL cost?

As with any shipment, there are numerous things to consider when establishing the price for your less-than-truckload shipment; some include:

  • Distance between locations
  • Size and weight of items to be shipped
  • Special handling or custom services needed
  • Expedited shipments
How do you prepare LTL shipments?

Our process is streamlined:

We determine the precise size of the item to avoid surprising or surmounting costs and ensure each item fits properly in the trailer, maximizing space
We package each item using the optimal materials and equipment, label each container, and load items onto pallets for space-saving and safety reasons
We provide all documentation necessary for you, our partners, and our team

What are the special LTL services you provide?
  • Expedited to get your assets to their destination faster than standard times
  • Liftgate service for items that weigh more than 100 pounds when needed
  • Inside pickup and delivery for items that need to be picked up inside your location and dropped off inside your location
  • Difficult or limited access service may be necessary for locations that are hard to get to or have limited space, such as tight parking lots and construction areas
  • Cargo insurance for your valuables
Why should I ship LTL and not parcel?
If your shipment is over 150 pounds, LTL offers great rates, guidance and communication throughout the shipping process, and several customized solutions to make the experience fast, easy, and streamlined.

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